So. You're a furry, you just joined BlueSky, and you clicked a link somewhere in some thread to land you here?

Well, you're in the right spot. Let's get you setup and using BlueSky the way you want to use it.

Content Filtering

BlueSky filters out material it detects as NSFW by default. If you'd like to change that, open the "Moderation" menu in your client, click "Content Filtering" and change your settings to what you'd like to see. If you're using iOS, you'll need to first enable adult content on the web version of BlueSky before you can make changes on iOS.

The BlueSky NSFW content detection can be a little inaccurate at times. Manual tagging of posts is now present in the client, so if you're posting anything suggestive or NSFW, please mark it as such! Adding #nsfw to posts will also serve to hide them from the SFW furryli.st feeds.

What are Feeds?

BlueSky has a concept called "Feeds", which are sort of like Twitter's "For You" and "Following" tabs. Except BlueSky's feeds are way more customizable. These feeds can be created by anyone and published for other people to use.

Here at furryli.st, we build furry-focused feeds for BlueSky. Our feeds only include content from approved "furries" and we offer several more specific feeds that narrow down on certain content. These feeds can be a great way to discover other furs on the platform and even seek out artists who are open to being commissioned.

Below are some of our feeds. To join a feed, just follow the link and click the little "pin" at the top of the page (We'd also really appreciate it if you'd hit the like button too 😉).

Joining The Furryli.st Feeds

Our feeds are curated to show only furry accounts. To do that we manually verify each and every account that gets shown in our feeds. If you'd like to get verified, all you need to do is follow @furryli.st on BlueSky. You'll know you're verified when we follow you back.

Once you're verified your posts will start showing up in "New" and "Hot" immediately. In order to get your posts included in the tagged feeds, make sure to include the appropriate tag in your post. Currently, the available tags are:

  • #fursuit
  • #art / #furryart
  • #commsopen
  • #nsfw
  • #murrsuit

If you still haven't been verified after a day or two, reach out on Discord and we'll look into your account for you.

Questions? Problems?

We can answer questions and look into problems with furryli.st for you in our Discord. Please try to work out if your question is specific to the feeds or is related to BlueSky in general, we don't have the time to answer questions related to BlueSky generally.

Supporting Our Feeds

Running these feeds for the community isn't free! We'd welcome donations to help with the cost of running the feeds on our Ko-Fi.

Community Resources

There's a bunch of great resources available for furs who are new to BlueSky.

FurSky is an online discord community of furs who are on BlueSky - it's a great place to ask BlueSky questions that aren't related to the furryli.st feeds!

You can find more information in Kamu's "Furry Newbie Orientation". Kamu also includes a few more options to get your account set up that aren't related to feeds, make sure to go check it out!