The purremier furry feed for BlueSky

We operate a set of feeds which serve up furry content straight to your BlueSky client.

Check out the Welcome Guide for all the information you'll need about getting set up on BlueSky as a furry.

Our Feeds

Click any of the following links to open the feed in your client:

After opening the feed, you'll be able to pin it in your client. We'd love it if you also gave the feed a like!

Joining the feeds

Only approved furries will show up in our feeds. To request approval, follow the account. Once you are approved, that account will follow you back.

Certain feeds will only show posts including special hashtags. Include these in your post to make sure it shows up in the right place. These are:

  • #fursuit
  • #art / #furryart
  • #commsopen
  • #murrsuit

Moderation policy

Read our Community Guidelines.


Can I read the code??

Yup - everything is open-source and can be found on GitHub

What else should I check out?

BlueSky has a thriving furry community, there's a "Fursky" Discord that's worth joining to learn more about other resources in the Furry community.

Can I support the feeds?

Running these feeds for the community isn't free! We'd welcome donations to help with the cost of running the feeds on our Ko-Fi

I need help!

First of all, that's not a question! But, yes, you can find our support channel in our Discord